Which technology - Ultra Filtration or Reverse Osmosis?
    We offer both - this way you are assured of using the right technology to get the best tasting water solution.

    With both technologies - we start by using a Sediment filter that catches all the dirt rust and silt that comes from your pipes.
    Then we use Activated Charcoal to remove many of the organics, lead,  VOC's - Volatile Organic Compounds and chemicals
    present in your water.
    Chlorine is used by many municipalities to kill much of what is present in your water supply. Chlorine leaves a strong taste and
    smell in your water - activated charcoal removes this taste and smell.   

    Ultra filtration filters your water down to .5 micron - removing many of the contaminants from your water leaving the minerals
    present in your water. This is what gives water its distinctive taste. With Ultra Filtration water is replaced in the tanks as quick as
    it is dispensed.

    Reverse Osmosis is the technology used to desalinate water. It is used on submarines to purify water. The membrane is so fine
    it removes up to 90% of the contaminants and metals (inorganics)  from your water - if you have issues of high salt content,
    arsenic, mercury, fluoride, radium, nitrates or other metals then you should consider Reverse Osmosis. High TDS - Total
    Dissolved Solids in even municipal water can leave strong tastes - high concentrations of iron and manganese for example can
    only be removed using Reverse Osmosis.
Pure Water Bottleless Water System -  360R
  • Reverse Osmosis Technology
  • Attractive styling for your front office - all of the filters are located inside the cabinet.
  • LED Lights indicate temperature
  • Hot, cold and room temperature water
Pure Waters of New England, LLC
Never pay for bottled water again!
Counter Top Bottleless Water Systems LCT5A or 305R
  • Available in Ultra Filtration or Reverse Osmosis Technology
  • System on your left fits on your counter under your cabinet
The LCS10A or B - Low Cost Bottleless Water System
  • Available in Ultra Filtration Technology only
  • The LCS is one of our most popular units due to its price and fresh tasting water
  • Filters are located on the back of the unit
  • Hot and cold water (A) or "Cook and Cold" (B)
  • Excellent choice for companies and organizations where they are only using a few bottles
    per month. The water flow is such that even mid volume users will be satisfied
  • Perfect for the break room or plant
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Never pay for bottled water again!
  • Purify your water at the point of use employing advanced filtration
  • An eco-friendly solution
  • Dispense an endless supply of great tasting, healthier drinking water
  • Hot and cold water on demand
  • No more bottle deposits
  • No more storing those unsightly bottles taking up valuable space
Who should consider Bottleless Water Systems?

If your business is using as few as four - 5 gallon bottles of bottled water per month you will start to
realize the advantages of replacing your bottled water cooler with a bottleless water system from
Pure Waters of New England.
The money savings
can be substantial
  • Reduce risk of employee injury from lifting 42 lb. bottles
  • Simplified invoicing, fixed monthly cost
Why are so many companies cancelling their bottled water supplier and switching to
Pure Waters of New England?
  • Cost Savings - If you are using as few as four - 5 gallon bottles of bottled water per month you will realize a savings. We have
    saved companies as much as 90%  from what they were spending on Bottled Water!
  • Eco-friendly - What is the carbon footprint of a five gallon bottle of water? The water is trucked from the source site(s) to the
    bottling plant where bottles are filled. These plants are miles from your facility . The bottles are placed on a truck and is taken to
    a warehouse until it is placed on another truck to be delivered to your office. We connect to your water supply and filter and
    purify the water and you dispense cold, hot or room temp water.
  • Improved Productivity - No more running out of water, no more storing bottles using up valuable space, no more time wasted
    replacing empty bottles.
  • Corporate Wellness - At least five people have touched the outside of your water bottle before it is placed onto your cooler -
    each person is adding a little bit of themselves to your drinking water. When was the last time your bottled water company came
    out to clean your water cooler? Studies have shown bacteria grows inside your cooler with each bottle change and your
    employees lifting a 42 pound bottle is an accident waiting to happen.
  • Exceed your customers expectations  - That is our business goal everyday!
Imagine never having to store, carry, lift, tip, spill or order those bulky bottles EVER again....
The LCS14A - Bottleless Water System
  • Available in Ultra Filtration Technology
  • Attractively styled for all office decors.
  • Hot and cold water.
  • Extra large water capacity - assures you won't run out of cold water on
    those heavy demand days.
  • Hands Free Dispensing of your water